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Nike golf shoes have consistently been renowned for their groundbreaking (a.k.a. stylish) designs and exceptional performance. The brand’s dedication to combining functionality with style is evident in every pair of Nike golf shoes they release. Together, we’ll take a fictional dive deep into the unique features that make these shoes a favorite among both professional players and casual enthusiasts alike. We’ll explore top models like Tiger Woods ’13 and fan-favorite Roshe, shedding light on how Nike reimagines iconic colorways for its footwear range.

What Are the Best Nike Golf Shoes?

Check out our top 3 picks below, and be sure to check out Nike’s full range of golf attire at

1) Tiger Woods ’13 Nike Golf Shoe


Get ready to channel your inner Tiger (and look dripped out) with the rereleased iconic Nike TW ’13 golf shoes! Celebrating the 10th anniversary of this fan-favorite Tiger Woods signature model, Nike brings back the game-changing design in true retro form.

With Nike’s innovative Free technology, the TW ’13 delivers unmatched comfort and performance. The engineered outsole mimics natural foot motion while providing lightweight traction. This keeps you grounded for maximized energy transfer during your swing.

Dynamic Fit technology offers a locked-in, 1-to-1 fitted feel thanks to Flywire-infused straps wrapping the foot in targeted support. The updated removable spikes ensure tour-level grip and stability to go along with the athletic mobility.

Slip on this legendary Tiger classic and experience an unparalleled foot-to-ground feel on the course. The TW ’13 helped revolutionize golf footwear, bringing Nike’s sought-after Free technology to the links for all-around comfort and enhanced power. Whether you’re visualizing a monster drive like Tiger or draining a testy 10-foot putt, the TW ’13 has you covered in retro style.

2) Nike Air Max 1 ’86 OG G


The iconic Nike Air Max 1 silhouette steps onto the course in the Air Max 1 G golf shoe, offering standout streetwear style fused with performance-driven comfort.

True to its retro roots, the Air Max 1 G features the signature 4-window design that reveals the Max Air cushioning underneath for optimal impact absorption. The vintage debossed Nike Air heel branding and classic colorblocking summon the OG 1986 Air Max 1 aesthetic.

The synthetic leather upper provides water resistance and is equipped to handle all-weather play. An updated traction pattern on the outsole supplies grip through a range of course conditions.

The full-length foam midsole cushions every step while you walk the course in these spikeless, ultra-comfortable kicks. Bold and fresh Photon Dust, White, and Midnight Navy color options express your confident sense of style.

With its fusion of the legendary Air Max 1 profile and Nike’s latest golf innovations, the Air Max 1 G delivers showstopping street cred and essential comfort for all-day wear on or off the course.

3) Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NXT% NRG


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Slip into the psychedelic vibes of Nike’s groovy new Air Zoom Infinity Tour NXT% golf shoes. These flashy kicks take your game to a higher plane with maximized energy return and a gnarly grip to conquer the course in cosmic comfort.

Two Zoom Air units in the forefoot respond to your every move, flowing with your foot’s natural motion for awesome energy transfer on each swing and step. The Air units sync with the dynamic piston spikes to deliver righteous traction and energy return as you stride and slide up to the tee.

An outta sight textile upper wraps your foot in breathable comfort, while plush collar padding eliminates friction for smooth riding. Find your center and speak each shot into existence as you meditate down the fairway in these far-out shoes.

Nike channeled the infinite cosmos into the wavy design of these Air Zoom Infinity Tour NXT%s. With enhancements like added volume and strategic traction zones, your golf flow state has never been more achievable. Play out of this world from tee to green in the vibrant, psychedelic colors of Nike’s grooviest golf shoes this year. Can you dig it?

If you’re wondering why no Jordans were named on this list, it’s because we’ve already reviewed them here!

Nike’s Innovation in Golf Footwear Design

When it comes to golf footwear, Nike is the king of cool. Their innovative designs and ambitious creations consistently push boundaries, making them a frontrunner in the industry. Check out their website to see for yourself.

Classic Hues, Reimagined: Hatfield’s Colorful Creations

Nike doesn’t just stick to the basics. They take iconic colorways, like those created by Tinker Hatfield, and give them a fresh twist in their golf shoe collection. These vibrant shades not only add a pop of color to your game but also showcase Nike’s innovative spirit. They’re changing the game, one color at a time.

Nike knows that sometimes, it’s about taking what already exists and making it even better. That’s why their golf footwear design process is all about improving upon the classics. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, Nike has got you covered with its advanced options.

With cutting-edge technology and timeless design, Nike golf shoes offer optimal performance without sacrificing style. It’s clear why Nike is held in such high esteem among golfers. So, if you’re in need of some trusty kicks on the course, look no further than Nike.

Memorable Moments in Nike Golf Fashion

In golf, fashion has become an integral part of the game, with Nike leading the way in creating bold and daring looks on the course. It’s not only about skill but also making a fashionable impression on the course. And when it comes to making bold and daring statements on the green, Nike is always at the forefront.

Brooks Koepka’s Zip-Tie Adorned Nikes


The golfer Brooks Koepka turned heads at the TOUR Championship with his unique choice of footwear. He sported a pair of Nike shoes adorned with zip-ties, causing quite a stir among spectators and fellow players.

  • The Design: The shoe featured an off-white colorway with bright orange accents. But what really caught everyone’s attention were the zip ties attached to each shoe – a bold and intriguing detail that set these shoes apart.

  • The Message: Golf Digest published a whole article to explain things to its readers, the majority of whom undoubtedly have no idea what an Off-White or a Virgil Abloh is. It’s fashion, sweaty.

No Denim Allowed: Nike’s Response


Nike never shies away from pushing boundaries or taking risks in design. A prime example is their release of a denim-covered version of the popular Air Max 97 G golf shoe, playfully challenging private clubs’ strict ‘no-denim’ policy.

  • The Design: The denim-clad iteration features classic blue jean material covering most parts, including the laces. Its signature air bubble sole remains intact, providing comfort without compromising style.

  • The Impact: This playful take on an outdated rule sparked conversations around dress codes in golf clubs worldwide while reinforcing Nike’s commitment to challenging conventions.

Limited-Edition Collections for Golf Enthusiasts

Fore. Nike’s limited-edition collections are a swingin’ success for golf enthusiasts with diverse tastes. Check out Nike’s exclusive lines featuring fan-favorite models like the Air Zoom Infinity Tour and Jordan V Low G Golf Shoes. These stylish kicks are not only a hole-in-one in terms of style, but they also come packed with unique features tailored specifically for golfers’ needs.

Fan-Favorite Models with a Twist

Nike’s limited-edition collections showcase their innovative design approach. Take the Air Zoom Infinity Tour, for example. This sleek silhouette combines React foam cushioning and Flyknit construction, making it the ultimate comfort companion on the course. And if you’re a fan of Michael Jordan, you’ll love the Jordan V Low G Golf Shoe. It merges street style with performance elements, like integrated traction patterns and responsive cushioning systems, to keep you stable during swings.

Speaking of the Air Zoom Infinity Tour, it recently received rave reviews after being inspired by professional golfer Brooks Koepka’s desire for a running shoe he could play golf in. Players appreciate its athletic aesthetic and high-performance functionality. As for the Jordan V Low G Golf Shoe, it pays homage to basketball culture with iconic details from MJ’s fifth signature sneaker reimagined for the golf course.

Features That Drive Your Game

Nike doesn’t just focus on looks when designing these shoes. They’re packed with features that’ll up your golf game. The Air Zoom Infinity Tour, for instance, boasts Nike’s proprietary ‘React’ technology, offering incredible energy return with every step while providing durable cushioning throughout your round.

But wait, there’s more. The Jordan V Low G Golf Shoe isn’t just a fashion statement. It incorporates an encapsulated air sole unit in the heel, providing lightweight impact absorption for those long fairway walks. Plus, both models come with removable spikes, allowing you to customize traction based on the firmness or softness of the ground.

Nike’s limited-edition collections of golf shoes, such as the Air Zoom Infinity Tour and Jordan V Low G Golf Shoes, are a hit among golf enthusiasts. These stylish kicks not only look great but also offer unique features tailored for golfers’ needs, including comfort technology and customizable traction options.

Creative Detailing in Recent Releases

Nike, a renowned name in the world of golf footwear, never fails to surprise its customers with innovative designs and creative detailing. Their recent releases are no exception to this trend.

The Removable Kiltie on the Latest Iteration, the Air Max 97G, Reveals the Words ‘Good Luck’

One such example is the latest iteration of Nike’s iconic Air Max 97G. This shoe features a removable kiltie – a traditional decorative fringe usually found on loafers or brogues. But it’s not just any kiltie; when removed, it reveals the words ‘Good Luck’, adding an element of surprise and charm with every step you take on the green.

This unique feature serves as both an aesthetic enhancement and a fun conversation starter during your golf games. It also reflects Nike’s commitment to infusing its products with playful elements that challenge conventional norms while still delivering high performance.

Besides these exciting details, the Air Max 97G continues to offer the exceptional comfort and stability that players have come to expect from Nike golf shoes. Its full-length air unit provides responsive cushioning for long-lasting comfort throughout your game.

A Corduroy Version of the Well-Loved Air Zoom Infinity Tour and the Much-Anticipated Jordan V Low-Golf Shoe

Extending variety in their offerings further, Nike recently launched two new versions of popular models: A corduroy version of the well-loved Air Zoom Infinity Tour, which offers enhanced grip and waterproof protection along with its stylish look; and the much-anticipated Jordan V Low-Golf shoe, known for its premium leather upper combined with a foam midsole providing lightweight cushioning, ensuring comfortable wear all day long. Both of these shoes maintain consistency in providing ample options for golf enthusiasts looking for style without compromising on functionality.

Fulfillment of Individual Preferences with a Wide-Range of Selections

No matter what kind of golfer you are – whether you’re seeking a cutting-edge design that pays tribute to heritage or something a bit more playful that challenges conventional norms – Nike has got you covered. Each piece is thoughtfully designed keeping in mind individual preferences, ensuring optimal performance on the course and reinforcing why Nike remains the preferred choice for many around the globe. When looking for a new pair of Nike golf shoes, bear in mind that there’s more than just the surface-level details.

Wide-Ranging Selection Of High Performance And Stylish Options

Nike has the ultimate selection of golf shoes for all types of players – traditional or daring. Their selection is as varied as the players themselves. No matter your style, Nike has the perfect golf shoes for you.

Nike is known for its innovative and stylish designs. Each pair of Nike golf shoes is carefully crafted to meet individual preferences and deliver top-notch performance on the course. That’s why Nike remains a top choice for golfers worldwide.

From classic models like the Air Max 97 Golf Shoes, paying homage to Nike’s iconic running shoe lineage, to contemporary designs like the popular Roshe line, Nike offers something for everyone.

The Air Max 97 G combines comfort and style, with full-length air cushioning and a water-resistant upper to keep your feet dry in tough conditions.

If you’re looking for a more playful option that breaks the mold, check out the Nike Roshe Golf Shoes. They offer a sleek design, lightweight comfort, and excellent traction and stability during swings.

  • Air Zoom Infinity Tour: Cutting-edge technology meets style in this model, developed with input from professional golfer Brooks Koepka. It features innovative foam cushioning and a data-informed traction pattern for maximum speed.

  • Jordan V Low-G: These shoes bring basketball-inspired aesthetics to the green fairways, turning heads while providing excellent grip with integrated spikes.

  • Roshe G Tour NRG: Part of the “Rather Lucky Than Good” pack, these shoes add vintage charm with decorative fringes while maintaining high-performance standards.

No matter your playing style or aesthetic preference, Nike has the perfect pair of golf shoes waiting to be discovered. So upgrade your game and spice up your style with Nike’s incredible assortment.

FAQs in Relation to Nike Golf Shoes

Are there other shoe brands or competitors to Nike?

Are you looking for alternatives to Nike? Check out FootJoy, Adidas, Puma, or Under Armour for some fierce competition.

Are there Negative aspects of the Nike brand or its products?

While Nike is a popular brand, some critics argue that their products can be overpriced and that their manufacturing practices could be more ethical.

Let’s Wrap It Up:

Nike consistently provides distinctive footwear to boost performance and express individuality on the course, with breakthrough technology, bold aesthetics, and a finger on the pulse of golf culture. Nike golf shoes provide golfers with the pinnacle of elegance, comfort, and high-caliber performance, from vintage classics commemorating famous sportsmen like Tiger Woods to fashion-forward styles that question conventions.

The ongoing advancement of cushioning technologies such as Nike React and Zoom Air offers golfers with the traction, energy return, and plush feel they require to thrive across 18 holes and beyond. Thus, whether you prefer vintage heritage models or cutting-edge styles, Nike offers the right pair for you. Let their innovative designs to stimulate your creativity and propel you to new heights on the green.

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