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How The Fun Started:

Meet the Divot Dude – David: Born and raised in the state of Colorado, he discovered his (frustration)… vigor… for golf later in life, likely due to the fact that he could only play during those fleeting Colorado summer months.

As was typical of most kids growing up, he needed a job over our summer breaks. This included stints roofing, working at a local pizza eatery, or caddying at local golf courses. Caddying is where our Dude learned the ropes of the game, soaked in the wisdom of seasoned golfers, and developed an unshakable love-hate relationship with the sport. Between the joy of nailing that perfect swing and the frustration of a disastrous chunk, his desire to be better at golf only grew stronger with each passing year.

Eventually, the Divot Dude decided it was time to ditch the snow, get married, and find a climate where he could work on his game consistently.

DivotDude.com is the result of and continues to be that journey—a place where we celebrate the triumphs and tribulations of golfers everywhere. Our goal is to bring you tips, tricks, reviews, stories, and laughs that capture the spirit of the game we all love (and sometimes hate).

We’re Here to Have FUN!

It took our Dude awhile to figure out that golf is a lifelong pursuit. As such we’re here for the ride and trying to have fun while doing it.

So, grab your clubs, hop in your golf cart, and join us on this wild ride. Together, we’ll conquer the greens, navigate the hazards, and learn to embrace the ups and downs of this amazing game. Welcome to the DivotDude.com family!

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